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Friday, February 4, 2011

Tuesday I broke down and handed over my diet pills to my mom and told her my tricks to get out of eating. I was scared I would go back to heavy restricting.
Now I'm back to restricting.
Yesterday I had
Vegetables- 50 Cals
Egg white- 17 Cals
Salsa and lettuce- 10 Cals
Putting me at 77 Cals
Then I went to the gym and ran off 400 on the elliptical as well as doing some yoga.
I've already been feeling lightheaded and like I'm going to pass out.
Today I had
2 egg whites- 34 Cals
Vegetables- 50 Cals
Salsa and lettuce- 10 Cals
Pudding- 80 Cals
Fruit snacks- 45 Cals
So, 219 Calories
Tomorrow I'll be out of the house all day doing something at school... there will be free pizza and pop, eek.
I packed for lunch
2 Diet Cokes
Iceburg lettuce- 5 Cals
Salsa- 22 Cals
Raw carrots- 40 Cals
Microwaved veggies- 50 Cals
Egg white (hard boiled)- 17 Cals
Fruit snacks- 45 Cals
Total: 179 Cals

I'm giving myself a 500 limit for tomorrow, hoping to stay under 300
I got down to 145lbs :)

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